Phosphor Plate


Photostimulable Phosphor Plates, otherwise known as PSP's or phosphor plates, are an excellent option for an office that is looking at digital x-ray solutions.  These PSP systems produce very high quality images.  The smaller size and lack of a cord may make intraoral placement of phosphor plates easier than placement of direct sensors.  Phosphor plates are somewhat flexible, but the corners cannot be bent (as is sometimes done with film) without damaging the plates.  Each phosphor plate can potentially take between 1000 to 1500 images, but are susceptible to scratching which could shorten its useful life unless proper handling techniques are used. 

Phosphor plates are light sensitive and exposure to ambient light must be minimized during the time period between removal from their protective cover and placement into the scanner.  The length of time that plates are exposed to ambient light during this transfer process will determine the level of allowable ambient light at the scanner location.  Scanners in which plates are loaded directly into a slot can generally be used in areas of higher ambient light compared to systems in which the plates are loaded on drums prior to placement in the scanner.  There does not have to be a seperate dark room in order to use phosphor plates. 


Phosphor plate systems can be intraoral only or a combination of intraoral and extraoral (pans and cephs).  For pan and ceph x-rays the current pan/ceph machine can be utilized (providing that the current machine produces a high quality image) thus eliminating the need to purchase a seperate digital pan/ceph.  The intensifier that is used in traditional pan/cephs is covered or removed from the film cassette.  The phosphor plate is then used in lieu of film for the pan/ceph.

Traditional x-rays are estimated to cost between $1.14-$1.20 per x-ray.  This reflects materials and labor.  Taking and "developing" phosphor plate x-rays are estimated to cost $0.22 per x-ray.  Assuming that an office takes 50 x-rays per day they will spend $1,180/month or $14,160/year at the low estimate of $1.14 on traditional film x-rays.  See the figure below for comparative saving vs. a PSP system.



  Cost/x-ray# of x-raysCost/MonthCost/Year
Traditional Film1.1450$1,140$13,680
Phosphor Plates0.2250$220$2,640
    Cost Savings$11040/yr

Assuming a 36 month lease with a payment of $700.00/month the cost savings over the course of the 36 months is almost $16,000.00 over and above the lease payment.  Digital Adds Up!  Call us today to take advantage of the cost savings of digital x-ray. 

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